Saturday, May 8, 2010

IELTS test

Stress Test

1. When it's time to start studying, do you ...
sit down and start revising immediately?
call your friend for a ten-minute chat about the test and what you need to do?
decide to watch TV for half an hour?

2. Your friends are going camping this weekend, do you ...
pack your bag and go with them - you want to have some fun?
go but take your study material with you?
stay at home - you can have fun when your exam is over?

3. At night, do you ...
fall asleep easily and sleep throughout the night?
find it difficult to get to sleep but once you do you sleep well?
find it difficult to get to sleep and wake up often?

4. Have you noticed a change in your eating patterns recently?
No, I basically eat the same.
Yes, I am eating more.
Yes, I am eating less.

5. Your friend borrowed a pencil from you and lost it. Do you ...
tell them not to worry - it's just a pencil!?
tell them you're not happy and ask them to buy you a new one?
shout at them, tell them they are selfish and ignore them for the rest of the day?

6. How often do you suffer from headaches these days?
Occasionally but not very often
Once a week
Once a day

7. When you are studying, how often do you take a break?
Once an hour to clear your head
Every 30 minutes for a snack
Every 10 minutes to check your email

8. When you're out with your friends on Saturday night, do you ...
forget about your exam and enjoy yourself?
chat about essay writing skills for the first hour before you start to relax?
spend the whole night discussing the best methods for memorising new vocabulary?

9. Are you finding it difficult to remember information?
No, my memory is fine.
Yes, I find I'm forgetting things more than usual.
What was the question?

10. When you think about taking the exam, do you ...
feel confident?
spend an hour worrying about what grade you will get?
start sweating?

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