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Native speakers use this word all the time in casual English. Sometimes we pronounce the word as “Chillin
It means something like “relaxing” or “doing nothing”. Someone who is at home and “just chillin” it means they are probably surfing the internet or watching TV. They are just doing some simple activity and nothing serious.
Friends often say they are “chillin” when they are together.
An example sentence is, “I had a few friends over last night and we pretty much just chilled”.

Here is a real native conversation:

Ted: Do you have any plans tonight?
Tom: I dont’ know. I’m not really in the mood to go out tonight. I’m just chillin at home right now. You can come over here if you want.

Hanging Out

This is one of the most common slang phrases in spoken English. You absolutely need to know how to use this one.
Sometimes we pronounce this as “Hangin out
If you are “hanging out” it means that you are spending time relaxing either by yourself or with friends. Native speakers never say “playing with my friends” instead we say “hanging out with my friends”.

Here is a real conversation:

Gary: What did you do last night?
Sarah: Not much. I just hung out with a couple of friends from work.

Drama Queen

A “Drama Queen” is a really useful slang term. It will definitely impress native speakers if you use it correctly.
If someone is trying to get attention by overreacting or by acting childish, they are called a “Drama Queen” . It’s not good to be a Drama Queen and everyone hates them. Drama queens can be both men and women.

Here is a real native conversation:

Bob: Did you notice how upset Cherry was at dinner yesterday? She was crying in front of everyone the whole night. Do you know what happened to her?
Kevin: Ya. Nothing really. She just had a bad day at work and was being a drama queen. It was so annoying to be around. I’m not going to invite her to any more dinner parties.

Sleep on it

If you need to make an important decision in your life, someone might suggest that you “sleep on it”.
If you “sleep on it” it means that you wait a little while to make your decision.  You actually go to sleep and make your decision in the morning.  Sometimes this helps make a better decision because it’s less emotional.

Here is a real native conversation:

Carrie: I got into a huge fight with my husband today.  I’m getting so sick of his attitude.  I going to tell him I want a divorce.
Heather: Sweetie.  You’ve been married for over 10 years.  It’s normal to argue.  Maybe you should sleep on it and see how you feel in the morning.  Divorce is a really big decision.
Carrie: Ok.  Good idea


A “slut” is a really mean term that is only used for girls.  A “slut” is a girl who has sex with a lot of different guys.  She is really easy to sleep with.  It’s a bad word.  This word can not be used for guys who do the same thing.  It’s not fair, but it’s the way it is.

Here are some real example sentences:

She is such a slut.  She slept with all 3 of my best friends.
I don’t think she’s a slut.  She is just having fun while she’s single.
If you want my honest opinion, I don’t think you should wear that dress.  It looks a bit sl


These two slang words are used all the time in spoken English and basically mean the same thing.
If something “blows” or “sucks” it means it is really bad.

Here are some real native examples:

This party really blows. Let’s think of an excuse and leave as soon as possible.
I really don’t want to watch that movie. I’ve heard from at least 5 different people that it totally sucks.
He seriously thinks he’s a good basketball player. I went to watch his game last night and he totallyblows.
I love playing tennis but I really suck at it.

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