Saturday, July 19, 2014

Work and stress

Work and stress

Mostly job leads to the stress that we go through in your life. Meeting deadlines, managing your juniors, keeping your boss happy is surely a lot of things. All these leads to late night works and takeout food that leads to tight muscles, no sleep and surely more stress. You abuse your boss in your mind for making you work so hard but they have also come across this stage. They can understand your stress but they also want to see how you handle it. You will have to maintain your calmness and show how you can handle it all.
Here are some ways by which you can seem calm in stressed situations

• Keep a positive attitude- Instead of thinking how much i have to do and how am i going to complete it, think how much is left and how to do it. If you have a positive attitude it will show in your face and you will much calmer. Moreover try to be patient and control your temper. Even if you are stressed and something is bothering you, keep a smile on your face and keep smiling. These things will affect your mind more making your look stressful.
Keep your desk clean- A work desk with lots of papers and files in it will show how much work you have left. A clean desk will on the other hand show how organized you are and how you can handle pressure to your superiors. Whatever work papers you have to keep, store them in the drawer. All the pens should be all capped and kept in an organized way.
Take breaks- Even if you have a lot of work left and your deadline is very near, try to take a break. This will not only keep you in sane condition but also give your bosses a feeling you have everything in your control. Moreover the short breaks will freshen up your mind and believe me a fresh mind is lot more productive than a jammed one.

• Do not work late- Working late in the office after your bosses has gone to their homes shows your stress clearly. If you need to work extra you can do it in your home. Do not think that your 'work hard' attitude will be praised. Most of the times it will make your superiors wonder what you were doing all day.

All these methods will certainly not draw attention of your bosses at once as they have a lot of work other than observing you, but be assured you will get noticed gradually.

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