Friday, September 28, 2012

teaching skills

Teaching skills:  teachers with latest technology

After conducting several teacher training programs for teachers in different schools I personally realized that there are so many teachers who are beyond the real teaching skills with modern technology. We know that Teachers are supposed to have proper teaching skills to understand teaching professions properly. It’s not being only a job, it should be a passion. What are the teaching skills? What is the role of technology in education?
Let me explain it in short. The quality of teaching is not simply determined by an individual’s knowledge or ability, but also by the contexts in which teachers work. Improving teacher quality thus entails policies concerning recruitment, early preparation, retention (including attention to working conditions), as well as professional development.
If you want to be a good teacher then there is need to acquire required qualities to become a role model in children’s   life. A good teacher will. . .

  • Understand the learner’s needs Set appropriate learning objectives
  • Prepare well so that the context and content is clear and focused
  •  Match the educational methods with those objectives
  • Stimulate the learner and challenge the learner
  • Interest the learner and involve the learner
  •  Encourage the learner – with positive feedback
  • Use a style of delivery that suits the learner’s needs
  • Evaluate the teaching and the learning
  • Refine future teaching in light of evaluation
  • Be a life-long learner.

 Many teachers still believe and want to move in the same way which they were taught decades ago. Many of them still don’t know how to use website, social networking, Audio and videos while teaching
There are several methods of teaching in the world such as A. Brainstorming B. Problem Solving Method C. Cooperative Learning Technique D. Case Method E. and Drama Technique.
But we can not use these methods properly without using technology. The need of technology in education is well known in todya’s time but who will train our teachers for these teaching aids. Many students are learning with technology on the other hand teachers are still teaching by text books. İts well known saying that “a picture paints thousand words”. Children learn faster while using the technolgy . a survy conducted by many psychologist  tells that “we retain 10/ in mind from what we read ,20/ from what our teachers teache means by hearing ,30/from what we see and 50/ from what we hear and see means visua aids”.
there are severa visual aids such as OHP over head projector to show your slides, LCD to show diagrams ,videos and audios to make them listen or for live classes ,Fipchart, datachart online e-library ,peer learning wiht latest teaching tools , laptops etc.
For using all these things first teachers must be aware of using it correct way STOP, START AND CONTINUE formula. Where to pause the video and what do you want to show through it.
There are several websites and teachers associations which provides support and free teaching for teachers the best wesite for teachers may,,,,, and you may use these websites too Crayola Educators, Delicious, Intel Assessing Projects, PBS Teachers.
Teachers are supposed to know latest technology, websites, teaching tools, teaching books, top teachers, and researchers and connect yourself with media for latest facts figures, examples and all kind of knowledge.
Happy teaching
Santosh Chaudhary
AMERICAN Institute Kota
ELT [International] 

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