Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pampered children don't love their parents

" You count your money i will count my money " one of the boys said to a girl when they came out from a bank. I couldn't stop my tears these were the children of some farmers who were studying in a college. This was the money which was send by their parents.
When we see the reality of agriculture in India then either you will curse your government or yourself. India is known for agriculture but farmers are getting suicide in west rajasthan n maha,karnatak ,bihar n orrisha too
Being a son of farmer i feel proud of myself to closed to nature.
Living with parents i got their blessing, love n care but when i meet some if the people in some cities i find what dirt things r going on are we going on the right track or somewhere.
A girl recently told i don't think parents are god was their duty to give me birth so will i . I was shocked listening these words from a modern girl whose boyfriend was spoilbrat.
In life we will find these types of example in a lot  but lets see what happens with these types of people .they may kill their parents for their desires n passion.

Santosh Chaudhary

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