Sunday, June 10, 2012

Manage Yourself properly

We all want to live our lives in our own way. The problem is that so much of time, other people, events and circumstances seem to man oeuvre us into situations in a certain way. We feel manipulated, controlled, helplessly stuck in our own lives and yet unable to make things things happen the way we want. The secret lies in realising that we cannot change other people. The answer lies in ourselves,  and changing ourselves so we are ready to cope with all that life and other people throw at us. 
  • Motivate yourself
  • Think positive
  • Receive praise and criticism 
  • Calming angry and aggressive people down
  • Helping quite,Shy people to communicate
  • Standing up yourself
  • Appearing helpful, cheerful and considerate 
  • Getting the information you require
  • Getting answer to your question 
  • Dealing with your emotions appropriately 
  • Handling change
  • Being able to see others point of view 
  • Reducing negative feelings about you and others 
  • Handling stress
  • Making yourself understood
  • Avoiding embarrassment
  • Communicating effectively
  • Behaving appropriately
  • Being reasonable

These are some important things which a human should have in ones personality. You may get these things slow by being in great people's surrounding. If you cannot then you should change it and should gain these things by your own way

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