Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Career in different areas, but choose a good college first

When we talk about education then  we remember our school board, chalks, wooden chairs and some teachers this is the actual condition of Indian education. We have a crowd in our country and we have few schools and colleges. Our problems are lot solutions are less so naturally the qualified people will be found less. Students will buy books and notebooks they will mug up the lessons and put it in the examination and finally who are the best , one who can cram the lessons and chapters fast. Our ministers may be talking about iit, iiit and niit but no one wants to discuss about primary education which is the base of Indian education.
The worst teacher and their methods can be found in these schools. What is the need and who needs quality education..i think no one . The person who is searching for quality education he has no one to pay the giant but attractive universitys in education and the cut off will stop him going there therefore he has to sacrifice.
This is the Month of June ,almost all results are declared. Some students are crying and some are rejoicing on the other hand some lovely children left this dirty and competitive world .they were not satisfied from there results so they planned to get suicide.  When i will check the cut off i m sure some more will start crying. Some children have already planned to leave country just because of education they can leave family. Family is the mist important world of a man which i will write about in next post
So the question is quality education. The topper of ISC indian school certificate board exams RohanSampath spoke in an interview about family " my parents attitude was helpful. They never put pressure on me for studying. My brothers is very nice he gave me company in my mental practice"
When it comes to surroundings in education we find less  things around us to develop mind which more important then the educational books. I personally feel its important to be in connection of good people for all fields knowledge and experience. I daily read four newspapers and in a week six magazines, i love watching all top mist channels Masala, i never miss the chance of reading about different topics. This is not enough for me interacting with new people is passion. I love being praised and stay calm in emotional decisions with my students. The lesson teacher should learn is leading, learning, ready, watching, researching n i m sure they can become a role model

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