Tuesday, June 1, 2010

narrow mind vs narrow mind thinking

whatever we think or learn it goes by our mind. our mind may be short or broad cant say because it is the fact of our atmosphere. our mind can be grown with the help of good atmosphere good books, have connection with good people otherwise there is no good source to make it impressive.

when i was seven year old my mom used to feed me almond to increase memory. but whenever i remind it then i start laughing . can human be developed by these nonessential things.

life is full of enjoyment if we wanna enjoy it in the different ways. '' GYANBAN KO KABHI KOI HAANI NAHI PAHUCHA SAKTA H. USKO POWER SE PEETA JA SAKTA H LEKIN USKI AVAJ KO NAHI DAVAYA JA SAKTA H. if you have good mind then you can defeat him. body power is nothing in front of mind power. one who have good mind they are famous in their work. increase your mind. devlop yor memory on day you will enjoy it. people will respect you so much that would be you achievement, not others.

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