Monday, June 7, 2010

read girls body language

Understanding a girl’s body language can save you many headaches further down the road. If you can read body language you not only know the words the person is saying but also what that person thinks and feels about what’s going on. Everyone emits subconscious body language, and it’s time you start learning how to read it. How Close/How Far? Sitting or standing close to you is a good thing. The closer they are, the more they like you. The farther away a person gets, the less they want to be around you. It’s possible that a girl would stand far away from you if she’s got bad breath or something, but if you see this girl all the time and she’s always standing really far away while you’re talking with her, that’s a pretty good sign she isn’t interested. Head Position Keep an eye on the girl’s head position during your conversation. If she’s tilting her head pretty far to one side, this possibly indicates sympathy, interest or general warmness. A lowered head can mean she’s got something to hide, or that the girl is just shy. A cocked head means she is either confused or is challenging you. The Eyes Watch out if she keeps looking at you and then looking away. This can indicate she’s lying. It could also mean she is thinking about something else. If she asks you to repeat yourself then you know she’s probably just distracted. Maybe you should talk to her later, or ask her what’s on her mind. Fidgeting If she’s playing with her hair, necklace, rings or other item it usually means she likes you. Same goes for giggling and general giddiness. Touch If you notice the girl going out of her way to touch you during the conversation, this means she probably likes you. Girls don’t usually touch people if they think they’re icky. Sitting The way you both sit also says a lot. Newlywed couples tend to sit right next to each other and usually not across from each other, preferring to stay close. Couples in love will always try to connect with each other, and try to be in constant touch with the other person. But during bad periods such as break-ups neither partner will put in hardly any effort to connecting with the other. They will do things like staring out the window, playing with mundane objects like the girl’s purse, they will both take active interest in anything other than the other partner.

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