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The introduction This novel has many characters which have focused of BPO world. Rahul the hero of this play has many friends like sanjana, shruti and amit. They all need job in BPO sector. They are not willing to do the job in government sector where corruption or politics is imposed. All get job in Mumbai or Poona but rahul is failed in all interviews. He tries to commit suicide, First time at Mumbai railway track then where two lady police rescued him. He reaches to his sister ankita’s home where he got friend ship with nikhita, neelam and sweta. He gets job with the help of nikhita in her company. Sweta and nellem are lesbian who raps rahul. His sister tells him to leave home. He leaves home and he is fired from job also because he has seen his boss doing kiss with his counselor. He tries getting suicide on Delhi railway track. Police rescue him and he meets at here with hemant sir who is teacher of him. He takes him to make him join a company. He gets job and posted in udaipur where he is fuck d by a married lady student anther home. He is transferred to Kota where here sister studies. He joins his office d and fail in love with his student lata. Lata is dearest and intelligent student of rahul. They love each other their romance go for there year. Her sister and friend of NCC made her apart from rahul. Rahul is safe but left by lata. Lata has drooped rahul. Rahul loves her. She is enjoying with her friend anil and shrijit and all others. Rahul takes poison because threatening call of anil. Sanjana comes back to kota joins as a RJ where newly radio FM starts. She loves rahul. Rahul takes sleeping pills but rescued dby his sister ans nihita who has just reached to kota. Rahul is taken to hospital and rescued. Rahul waits for lata for one year. After one will she came back CONTENTS 1. Introduction 1 2. The first meeting with lataa4 3. Mission bpo job 4. Bangalore 5. Poona and Mumbai 6. The suicide attempt[i] 7. My sister’s home 8. First job in BPO 9. The saddest day of my life 10. Misunderstanding 11. The suicide attempt [ii] 12. My training 13. The first teaching job 14. The dirtiest day of life [ii] 15. My promotion but in KOTA 16. Allen carrier institute KOTA 17. The first batch sand lataa 18. Her SMS 19. Annual function 20. lata proposed me 21. Picnic 22. Annual meeting 23. My another transfer 24. Our love and romance 25. The dirtiest of my life [iii] 26. NCC camp 27. SANJANA came back 28. The miss call 29. 19message 30. SANJANA and I 31. Two words 32. A letter to lata 33. Inspiration 34. Characters • Rahul : hero of the play and main character. • Sanjana : friend of rahul • Lata : girlfriend and student of rahul • Muskan : lata’s friend and rahul’s another student and friend. • Shruti : friend’s of sanjana and rahul • Amit : friend of rahula dn shrtuti • Ankita : rahul’s pretty sisiter • Neelam a • nd sweta : dirtiest girl neighbour of ankita and lesbian girls. • Nkhita : friend of ankita • Hemant : teacher of rahul • Sushmita : lattaas sister Acknowledgment I don’t know how to write well, being a language trainer. My all students gave me motivation to write. I am very thankful to them who have studied by me. Their love and affection gave me this success and they send me on this peak. Thanks to sundarlata who didn’t understand my true love and became treacherous girl. Her ignorance gave jealousy. Still I Love her so much. I hope she would be changed after reading this novel or my all readers will bring her back for my happiest life. 1. first of all thanks to RAJINDER PAL SINGH[ RPS] ANAND , my company’s marketing director, who gave me encouragements and his family who didn’t let me feel lack of my love. He shared his experience as well as he made me confident for publishing it in just in 3 months. 2. my chum friends sanjana and shruti who came to kota and stopped me doing something wrong to call her back 3. muskan who kept send me motivational message to get lata back. 4. My lovely and dearest student kirti, bharti, suraj, anuj, rajesh, bhupendra, and some others who kept in my touch and their sms made me a good teacher and writer. 5. My nearest faculties and newly assistant mr. Praveen [prem] who gave me spare time to write it. I was busy but he took my batches and started teaching I became free to write it. 6. All kotaites who gave a small place to stay in kota city for few days. 7. My closest well wishers and BPO friends who kept sending me scrapes on or twitter. 8. My younger brother dinesh chaudhary who always disturbed me to write it. He deleted many file playing with my PC. 9. My institution or company members who encouraged me to be top. 10. All school, college principals and their students who invited or gave me a chance to share my knowledge or experience on all topics like PD, debates management skill development. It motivated me or helped me to forget lata. 11. my all students across India, in bhilwara shelly and hemraj, in udaipur shahrukh and priti, in meerute and jaipur as well thousand of students in kota who comes to study at my institution. Dear readers this book is not about any illegal activity or violence. I have focused on teen or youth suicide and modernization that have killed the real life of human. English has become popular language in India, people must learn it. All places which are mentioned may be real but not all characters are true. I talked about sex, suicide and jobless youth which are biggest and major problem in India. Today’s girls have lost their values. People should think before committing suicide Story of this novel is not real. It is untrue but somewhat match with a teacher who was my best friend now he has been teaching in college but she had left him Santosh kumar chaudhary Is an international online English language tutor. He is connected with many top tutoring websites. He is a P.D. trainer and a famous motivator in kota city. Thousands of students have learned English well from him. He has taught in many cities like jaipur ajmer udaipur, bhilwara, meerut and kota. He is an idol of many students who follows him and praises his styles and fun loving nature. He has just completed his twenty third birthday

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