Wednesday, September 8, 2010

my experience

I have been in the field of teaching English when I was in 17 year old. It has been become both a great pleasure and a learning experience. Having taught thousands and thousands students in my career so far, I have achieved great insight      into not only what to teach but also what not to teach. . All courses are result oriented and career-maker as well .our some courses are so interesting that cannot be found anywhere. The entire American family will not leave any stone unturned in providing the best inputs to its students, however you should always keep in mind to remain focused and motivated. Your self-motivation will be the key to success for you.
The past years at American institute, kota has been a great learning experience for all of us. We have evolved from a typical class to a professional institute and taken on to conducting trainings for corporate. Moreover, it has been the trust of our customers that has allowed us to contribute in their lives, their participation has helped us in developing them and most important, their ongoing feedback has helped us
Running an institute, which makes people speak English, is a challenging task
 In addition, making it into a large business enterprise, even more so.
The value of empowering someone speak English is something that cannot be measured in terms of money. For many learners who enter the portals of American speaking fluent English has changed their very lives. Good job, acceptance in high society, window to greater knowledge and above all, an overwhelming confidence in themselves—   this has what    AMERICAN        stood for them.
I am proud that American has made thousands and thousands people speak English and I am happy that more than lakhs people lives have changed for the better.
Our courses are so attractive that can motivate you for you future and our faculties who are trained by well trained and educated faculties are very fluent and expert in English.
Our lifelong membership is a boon for our students who provides to rejoining facility daily conversation is good for making sound vocabulary.

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