Tuesday, September 14, 2010

worst government in india, miss managment, corrupt minister.

i don't know what is going to ahppen tomorrow in kashmir. recently ,i have rejected my ticket to kashmir. what i saw in newspaper or some of the channel which were showing reality of your government is rally praiseworthy. you are best prime minister. when i saw last month the new of dantewara, abduction of bihar policemen, attack on chandrababu naidu, mamta's rally. rahul gandhi's orrisa rally and many more things which you have achieved can never be forgotten

the life of kashmiries have become worst. who is responsible for their murders or attacks, i think no one. a mother was crying on the road when she lost her baby . i was crying in front  of television when they were showing this news .i think many Indians were were watching this news a very few raised their voice agaist this thing. 100 of people have beem killed so far.

can any goverment will give proper answer. no one can stop his smile because his father is minister and sonia can not go against of them because they have given some seats to caongress ..............................................shame ..........shame... you are enjoying and people are dying there

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