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Literary Agency Finds Publishers for
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Short Stories
 As literary agents, it is our job and pleasure to find publishers for our clients.
We sell to traditional publishers, NOT vanity presses. We are paid on success
only. We do not charge reading fees. We are willing to coach authors to improve
their skills. We're growing rapidly and seeking new talent. This is a tremendous
opportunity for previously unpublished writers. At the Writers' Literary Agency
& Marketing Company,we take pride in finding and developing fresh, new literary
talent. We believe that just because you are an unpublished writer doesn’t mean
that your work should be excluded from the marketplace.

We are very proud of the relationships we have with our clients.  Click here for a
sampling of the positive emails that we receive on a regular basis.

We accept a wide variety of works, including fiction, romance, literary, suspense,
novels, mainstream poetry collections, chick lit, etc. If in doubt, submit your work
and we will let you know.

We have a special division just for non-fiction (how to, self help,
health/nutrition/fitness, spirituality and religion, science, and business).
     Non-Fiction authors please click here.
We also have a screenplay division and we offer programs to act as literary
agents for self-published authors.  Book-To-Film authors click here.

How We Work:
We specialize in previously unpublished authors.  We also work with previously
published authors that have lost their publisher for one reason or another.  

  • First, click on the Submission Instructions link (on the left) and use our form
    to send us an overview of your work.
  • Next, we will confirm that we would like to see your work and ask you to
    email it to us.  We will use email almost exclusively.
  • Finally, we will send you the results of our review..  We are willing to
    work with previously unpublished writers and assist them in developing
    their talent.  Most of our clients take a bit of extra time to polish their
    work and we are willing to wait while they do so.
We do not accept short stories (we will take short story compilations), articles,
text books, television pilots or ideas, individual poems, or film shorts. 

We welcome international clients.  We only accept work written in English.
Please click on our Submission Instructions to query us.
We believe we are very different than other agencies.  We believe that we are
unique in that we are willing to develop an author and their talent.  We like the
metaphor of a business incubator as a description of how we will take time to
bring an author's work to the proper quality level, even if it takes months to
do so.  We take pride in the fact that we answer every email personally
within 2-3 days.  
Also, you may understand how a Literary Agency works, but many authors don't. 
As your Literary Agent, our mission is to assist you in finding a publisher and to
coach you along the way in various options available to you.   Our job is to find you
a publisher that pays you, NOT the other way around. We do not work with self-
publishing companies.  We DO work with self-published authors seeking a broader
audience for their work.
Our mission is to sell for you.  As for compensation, we are paid on success only. 
We DO NOT charge reading fees.  Typically we will receive 10% of what you r
eceive if we sell your work.  We don't edit. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure
we have great work to sell.

We also strive to "give back" to the writing community and we have started a
"business blog" that more fully describes what an agency does.
We will work with you to improve and polish your work.  Once your work is deemed
'presentable', then we'll start shopping it to buyers.  We never promise a sale, but
we can tell you that we have a model that works and we promise a professional
Best regards,
Sherry Fine -  V.P. Acquisitions

Q) How does the process work? 
A) First, please read our submission guidelines and fill out our query form.  After that is received we will request that you email us some portion of your work.
Q) Would you prefer me to email or mail my manuscript? 
A)  If we request your manuscript after you fill out our query form WE MUCH PREFER EMAILED MANUSCRIPTS.
Q)  Is my manuscript safe with you? 
A)  Your materials are safe within our company.  If you are uncomfortable sending your entire manuscript, please only send 3-5 chapters.  If we do not end up working together we will destroy and delete any copies of your work that we have.  
Q) How long does this review take?
A) About 7-10 days. We're faster than most other agencies.  Our mission in the Acquisitions Department is clear and very "cut and dried". We answer 3 questions, 1). Will the subject matter sell? Is it commercially viable? 2) Is the writing good enough, or would it be good enough with some degree of assistance? 3) Did you as the evaluator like the work and would you believe in it if you were selling it? If we get a "3 Yes" designation then you pass.  The next item we look for in our filtering process is your willingness to listen.  We will very quickly wash out a great writer with a bad attitude. After that, we leave it up to the experts to really dig in and get detailed with the structure and format of your work.
Q) Why is there no phone number? I want to talk to someone...
A)  Quite frankly, we are deluged with submissions.  It is our policy to provide a contact number later in the process, assuming we would like to proceed with you.
Q)  Where are you located? 
A) We maintain executive suites in NY where we meet with buyers.  An executive suite is a shared office space that allows us to keep our overhead expenses down.  We have partners in Los Angeles when our work touches Hollywood.  Our administrative department prefers to live in Florida.  Sometimes we think that we live in airport lounges.
Q) Tell me about your company.
A) We're a bit on the new side, but that is the opportunity for each of us.  Most new authors don't get a chance in this closed industry.  We are growing through acquisitions.  We are bigger than a small agency and smaller than a large agency. We believe in hiring good people.  Our company has a very strong background in editing as well.  We have a reputation for representing great quality and solid "depth off the bench".   We market to the larger and medium sized publishers and producers.  We're in this for the long term.  We endeavor to attend the major book trade shows in the US, England, and Germany. We have attended the Book Expo US every year. We don't publicize our deals because of the number of authors that have 'bothered' our clients in the past.  Our marketing strategy is explained on this page
Q) You're not a vanity publisher or a self-publisher are you?
A) No we're NOT A VANITY OR SELF-publisher in any way, shape or form. Our mission is to sell your work to real and qualified buyers who pay YOU..   WE DO NOT SELL OR MARKET TO VANITY OR SELF-PUBLISHERS..
Q) What are you looking for during your evaluation?
A) We mainly look for COMMERCIAL VIABILITY in the work coupled with good solid writing skills.  "Is it something that will sell?" is of paramount importance to us. We believe that great writers are made, not born at least 99% of the time. But if a work doesn't have commercial potential, then we want to let you know as quickly as possible.  Being willing to grow talent, we believe in the old adage, "luck is when opportunity meets preparation and hard work".
Q) What if you find errors or problems with my manuscript?  Should I spend time revising now, or later?   
A) We receive very few 'ready-to-go' manuscripts. We believe we are unique in that we are willing to work with our authors along the way.  Most manuscripts that we receive need some level of polishing before we can submit them to buyers.  Some need very little polishing. Some need a lot.   Over the years, we've learned that it is worth our time and effort to do what it takes to develop new talent.  We've learned that incubating new talent makes good business sense.
Q) My manuscript isn't finished....
A) As long as there is enough finished to determine your skills as a writer we are willing to look at your work.  As mentioned previously, we take a long term view and we are willing to develop talent.
Q: Do you use form letters?A: For certain communications, of course, doesn't every company?  We pride ourselves on using technology to be as efficient as possible.  This allows us to work with authors from anywhere in the world.  By automating certain elements of our communications we can spend more thoughtful time on your questions that are specific to you and your situation.
Q: How do I know you are for real?A: We ask that you judge us based on the professionalism of our interactions together.  However, it may help for you to see a smattering of the unsolicited positive feedback we receive on a regular basis.  (If you are really cynical you may think we made these up.  However I can assure you that we can legally stand behind anything you read in our communications.  These are unedited for authenticity, bad grammar and typos left in.)
I'm sure you get tons of mail, and that you don't have time to read this, but I just wanted to thank you for your professionalism. Wow, I can't believe how efficient you guys are! I've only sent my manuscript to one other agent, and he replied with a very short and grammatically incorrect e-mail that I thought was extremely unprofessional. I also really respect your attitude. In any industry, it's difficult to find people who actually don't put up with the prima-donna attitudes and egos. I like that. Thanks again for looking at my manuscript.
Just a note to say thank you for your amazingly detailed, efficient and rapid service. When I resolved to get an agent this year or bust, I was prepared for the long haul. What I have encountered has been a whirlwind. I am sure that other agents worldwide will soon have to copy your submissions system as the model for a new industry standard, or become extinct. 
Thanks a lot for your generous time and consideration. I am impressed by your efficiency and ability to reply in time, unlike most agents who take around four or even more weeks to get back.  I am looking forward to a long term professional relationship from you.
Thank you for keeping me posted every step of the way thus far.  I am glad your received the two manuscripts you were kind enough to ask from me.  It is such an exciting time.  To have finished the two books and working on the third as well as constantly thinking of marketing plans for the works.  Being a former radio personality, it would be wonderful to use those skills and have interviews conducted and see the book take roots in several areas. You are a true professional and it is appreciated greatly.I too wish to send in a personal comment on your delightfully refreshing acquisitions process.  How different it is to be greeted with wit, intelligence and such a well thought out plan of action!  Even if we go no further, I will send others to your company because I have such respect for businesses on the Internet that strive to give their customers the most efficient use of their time. I truly cannot see how one would not appreciate immensely, what you have put together and your commitment to those you do business with.
Please allow me to say thank you for accepting my work for review. I also want to thank you for your timely e-mails and information regarding publishing protocols. It is because of conscientious professionals in the industry like yourself, that allows perspective Writers' to have their voices and ideas heard.  Once again, thanks in advance for your timely information and professionalism.I received my analysis a couple of days ago, looked it over, and found it very insightful.  I agree with every aspect of the analysis, and I have already begun making the suggested improvements.  As a matter of fact, it suggests that I expand on the vampire mythology aspect.  Coincidentally, during those weeks it was being prepared, I had formed some dramatic ideas to include more mythological creatures to support the story's premise, which is that unlike mythological vampires,  
Jeeminy, I passed cloud nine so fast I hardly noticed it.I am so pleased and grateful to you folks and Louise of the critique administration.  I thank the good Lord for the talent he has given me, but this is far more than I expected.   I do plan to make the changes.  Why not?  I have already started and the difference is remarkable.  Rewriting many scenes, booting out the cliches and tidying up the punctuation as well as adding many more words.  The advice and recommendations are well received.  I will go at it like I'm killing snakes so should be finished in no more than a week.
In conclusion, our business model is not for everyone and we don't accept everyone. We do like new authors and fresh talent. We encourage you to query us.
Our Pledge To You:
  1. We respect what you have accomplished thus far as a writer.
  2. We believe that great authors are made, not born.  We are willing to develop talent.
  3. We pledge straight talk in a confusing and old-school industry.
  4. We can't promise a sale.  We can promise a professional relationship.
p.s. Missed Emails, Spam, Whitelists, and other reasons for lapses in communications.  We are very, very diligent about returning every email that we receive within a couple of days.  The same is true for our vendors and suppliers.  IF YOU DO NOT RECEIVE A COMMUNICATION AND YOU BELIEVE THAT YOU SHOULD HAVE, PLEASE, CHECK WITH US AND WE WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENED.  Please don't jump to negative conclusions.  The Internet is not 100% foolproof and we are very sensitive to our clients' expectations and our promises about timely communications.
Regardless of how this comes out, I want to say that this has been the mostpleasant method of attempting to contact an agent or publishing firm that I have experienced to date. Thank you for this process. Jo
I find your emails AMAZING so much trouble you seem to take, even if the questions are standard at some point they had to be thought out and written. So congratulations. I am most interested in the questions and answers, as it seems to me that most of the 'authors' seem to treat their productions like over pampered princesses! I can assure you I am not sitting by my computer waiting for the 'invitation to become a star!' My daughter is an actress so I know all about rejection. look forward within 10 days or so from hearing from you. April
AEG Press Release: Acquisition of The Literary Agency Group (TLAG) and Strategic Publishing & Eloquent Books.

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