Thursday, May 31, 2012

Do Girls Ditch Boys? Did She Sitch You?

Ditched love life 

Do girls really like ditching boys? Do they really ditch boys? What is in their mind when they are trying o ditch?
Love is lust, love is a pure feelings, love is dirty things many people will explain it in their way because many mind many head but what is exact meaning no one knows so far all have their own experience definitions examples and stories.
Love is blind, deaf, dumb, lame, and silly but not when you are with the right person
Once when I was having a debate with some English language learner on this topic on of the man spoke about it loudly “Girls are sick of their thoughts. They never understand the truth. Lot of them have an immature mind & think themselves as the legends.. & what they think is the right one… 90% of the girls are of same psychology” I was not agreed that time
The only time where girls ditch some one is when the boyfriend does not have enough money, time, knowledge , status , feelings and understanding and , if she finds some one more handsome ,attractive, pleasant knowledgeable  and find something which match to her choices  she will definitely elope with other guy. One of my corporate friends explained the reason of it
“If a guy really likes a lady, he doesn't ditch her, unless she isn't available or not willing to make it work with him. But in this instance, I don't think he must have really liked you. Not that you aren't worth really liking, but that this dude obviously didn't have the good sense to treat you kindly.”
People who are in relations with girls or who were in relationship will think different on his issue that girls never ditch but it really beyond people’s mind to understand a girl’s mind Tulsidas Wrote in the Ramayana About woman “TRIYA CHARITRA NA JANE KOI …..” Even shy girls will unlikely deny being attracted to you once they're sure you like them (which you presumably do if you ask her out). If she denies dating you when talking to her friends, she likely wants to leave herself open for a "more ideal boy", and will ditch you when a more suitable man courts her. This is my personal experience and its definite
One of the psychologists explained in public about relations and he writes about in his log “Girls that are attracted to you will generally not treat flirting in a lighthearted manner. They'll likely be nervous, even if they're normally confident. When one is in love, you usually feel like tiny mistakes may ruin the entire relationship, and of course, feel tongue-tied around the person you're attracted to. While some people are more confident than others, and may find courtship easier than others do, few treat it like a simple game.”
Don't take this point as proof that she's not interested, but keep it in mind.
One of the student of IIT write about his personal experience on girls Ditch that
“Believe it or not, it happens. Many girls are guilty of ditch a nice/smart boy. They leave a good, nice guy they've been dating for some bad guy that treats them bad and talks harsh to them. Guys, girls, why is it so? Is there something the bad guy has to offer them that the good guy doesn't possess?”
We don't ditch girls that we really like. Even the best of us probably wouldn't ditch on a girl that we did not like. We would likely still commit to the plan or the date or whatever, but not leave you hanging; it’s not only rude, but inconsiderate.
I am going to go out on a limb here and say that it's very likely that this guy does not really like you. If he liked you then he would have made the date, called you back, apologized or have shown some other form of regret. I am sorry to be a bearer of bad news, but unless he has mental issues that we don't know about, he would not have acted so if he truly liked you. Sorry, I am sure you are a nice person and don't deserve to be ditched, hopefully this was the first and last time it ever happens.
Girls are sincere emotional pure hearted hey seem so but they are not so. Girls may be looking simple genuine but when you start knowing her affairs with other guys you will start crying and you should because it was your mistake not to know her properly

Finally I would love your boy friend and girls friend properly they are for you but beware of the fake ideas. You are to know he reality of love and these relations 

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