Sunday, May 20, 2012

Education VS Training

Can you imagine anvu illiterate personfg services without any payments. He doesn't need any training but works like a trained personal. Human learn by his environment, surrounded things and atmosphere. In the today's competitive world we are supposed to be trained in specific areas so that without any hesitation we can work confidently.
When people go to school. They don't think about any training. But hardly we find any trainer in schools there are lots of teachers but not trainers. We need to improve teaching skills too ,our teachers are not trainers they are just teaching to teach .they should teach to Learn or to enhance oneself. A school is education house which gives a complete educational atmosphere and knowledgeable people and encourages to improve knowledge.
We have millions of schools but Lakhs of schools are without any trained teachers how students will improve we can imagine. Our HRD minister Mr Kapil will answer your all question but naturally he will blame previous govt .hardly he will talk about any reform in education.  is a good lawyer but not good minister. He can talk about IIT, IIM not about primary education which need reform.

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