Thursday, May 24, 2012

How to forget her

Creating news ideas may be easy but removing something, someone from mind is really hard. What A great work to generate new ideas for new generation with creative mind on the other hand removing a person,thing or place which closed to your heart is very tough. i personally realized it several times happening with them. situations may be different but we a to adopt the reality of life. Our life keeps giving new experience according to time. But if you want to remove something or somebody from your mind then these points may be helpful.....
A. Be Calm .. outing the mind from the problem n giving relax to your body is important. Life needs rest with the quiet surroundings at lonely places sometimes.
B. If you are going forget a place it will be easy but if you wanna forget a man or woman then it will take several days
C. Try to remove his or her gifts or memorys as soon as possible because it will make you remember all the time

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