Friends with your EX..??
In reality, forging a friendship with your ex-boyfriend isn't really all that hard. You know each other, you share the same interests and friends... once the romance is over it's a simple transition to staying in touch and keeping friendly. Right? Sure. For a while, anyway. Because although establishing that friendship is easy - keeping it going is the hard part. There are forces aligning against you the minute the two of you decide to remain friends. And for this very reason, being friends with your ex almost never works.
As idealistic as it might seem, the following issues will always destroy any friendship you've created with your ex: You're Still in Love with Him - Did you get dumped by your boyfriend? If so, you probably didn't want the relationship to end. When your ex said "let's be friends" you jumped at the chance, thinking that staying close to him would be an easy way back into his heart. But the truth? Any friendship with your ex-boyfriend in this type of situation will always end up hurting you. You can't be friends with someone when you really want them back. Keeping in touch in the hopes that your boyfriend will one day want to get back together with you isn't the best way of winning his heart again - there are other, more productive methods to fixing a break up.