Thursday, April 18, 2013

Courses at American: enjoy summer vacation while learning something

1.     Basic English Language training
Duration- 3 Months                      Daily Session- 1 hour and ½ hour GD 6
Sessions a week                               fee – 4000, 4500{2500+2000}

what you will learn in this course just go through these contents 
·         General English grammar
·         Sentence patterns
·         Language structures and patterns
·         How to stand while speaking to people
·         General etiquettes and manners
·         Songs ,movies and seminars
·         Special workshop
·         Group discussions and its rules
·         Skills Development [ Reading , writing , speaking and understanding]
·         Debates [ how to do it, topics preparations and material]
·         Presentations [self, business and job]
·          Public speaking vs private speaking
·         Grammar, language and literature
·         Pronunciation, accent and articulation
·         Use of vocabulary
·         Vocabulary buildings[ passive and active vocabulary
·         Confidence building

1. Month
General rules of grammar, common sentence patterns and structures, games and short presentations, greetings, manners and conversations
2. Month
Presentations skills, grammar, prepositions, questions podium classes, conversations and vocabulary building
3. Month
Imaginations , passive, high level of presentations, debates, motivations, Skills development , passive sentences , translations methods, phrases, idiomatic sentences and vocabulary [ business, medical, weather, educations] , closing ceremony
2. Advanced English Language course
Duration – 45 days to 2 Months,           Daily – 2 hrs
Days -6days in a week,                       fee – 5500
– Senior Schools students College/University Fresher’s, Engineering /Medical  /Commerce Management  Students, Job Seekers, Juniors, Professionals, Teachers.
·         Video presentations and introductions
·         Group discussions
·         Communications skills, leadership skills
·         Depth of the grammar and use of it while speaking
·         Presentations [ full assistance of trainers for all level of presentation including self, business and job/technique]
·         Sentence patterns, structures and its constructions
·         Dialogues [interactions with all kind of professionals and people]
·         Conversation methods, techniques and types
·         Role plays
·         Anchoring
·         Skills development [selling, business, speaking]
·         Creative writing[ resume, articles, e-mails, cover letter, blogs and social networking]
·         Self motivation, self confidence and self grooming
·         Personality analysis and development , personality disorder, personality types, personality grooming
·         Body language improvement[ nonverbal communication skills
·         Debates , ways of arguments and methods of it
·         Pronunciation improvement[ American and British ,articulations, phonetics]
·         Interview skills [questions and answers with regular practice and assistance ]

3.Corporate Training Program

2 to 4 months                                              5 days in a week
2 to 3 hours daily                                        Fee- 5500, 6000 (3500+2500)           Target: Business men, job seeker, employees, executives, senior employees
When it comes to training in corporate English there are two important aspects:
a) Written English Skills
b) Spoken English Skills
that include every aspect of spoken communication skills such
·         Listening skills, Speaking skills
·         Voice - tone, volume, accent, diction, etc.
·         Grammar [this includes the grammar which is related to us]
·         Pauses and flow while speaking English or presenting something
·         Communications and Non-verbal skills
·         Eye contact[ presentation styles]
·         Facial expressions, Posture, Gestures
·         Body language movement
·         Overall Presentation, which includes[ self, business and job presentations]
·         Grooming, Etiquette, Personal hygiene
·         Identify old fashioned language and avoid the use of business jargon
·         Be able to identify and correct errors in their written documents   
·         The writing process, Using paragraph
·         Subject verb agreement
·         Using tense, Active vs. passive voice, Over-long sentence
·          Business jargon, e-mail etiquette
·         interactive language training
·         oral English or conversational English communication
·         vocabulary-building
·         Intercultural awareness and social English.
·         role-plays, and work lace simulation
·         English for Meetings and Negotiations
·         Practicing useful phrases for a) Proposing ideas and plans, putting across your point of view b) Agreeing and disagreeing with subordinates, colleagues and senior management c) Asking question and providing answer D) Summarizing e) Making concession F) Giving and rejecting advice  g) Expressing strong opinions H) Making requests, suggestions and demands

4. IELTS/TOEFL Preparation
International English Language Training System, Test of English as a Foreign Language
Duration 2 months                               daily- 3 hours
5 days a week                                    fee – 7000/ or 7500
Target- foreign goers
·         English language learning
·         Private and public speaking
·         Accent neutralization
·         American British pronunciation
·         Speaking practice with expertise
·         Test practice books [free set of 8 books with 8 audio CD’s ]
·         Audio practice facility
·         Video presentations and self analysis
·         International vocabulary building
·         Presentations skills [techniques and preparation]
·         Sentence making and paragraph writing methods
·         Writing skills development
·         Developing listening practice
·         All four parts practice[ reading, writing, speaking and understanding]
·         IELTS Free books
·         TOEFL  free books material with CD ‘s
·         Regular test and interviews
·         Daily sessions with projectors

        5. Competitive Exams English course

Daily 2 Hr                                                        Monday to Saturday
Duration 2 to 2½ Months                                fee 3000

·         Sentence making
·         Passive constructions
·         Tense
·         Notice paragraph, applications
·         Participles, gerund and infinitives
·         Transformations sentences
·         Synthesis
·         Summary or conclusions making
·         Passage reading and solutions
·         Part of speech
·         Questions solving methods
·         Pronunciations

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