Sunday, April 14, 2013

Why Employees Leaving

If you feel that your turnover is too high take a good look at the reasons people give for leaving. Does one keep recruiting?Let me give some factors which could be at the root of your problems:
1.Poor recruitment and selection procedures.
2. Management styles.
3. Expectations raised too high at interview so that disillusionment sets in.
4. Poor company communications. Employees are unaware if what they are trying to achieve and why.
5. Lack of managerial support.
6. Low wages.
7. Poor working conditions.
8. Lack of training, prospects or new challenges.
It is very hard to determine the level of turnover to over him for. No turnover at all is unrealistic and could mean your company stagnates. Many seasonal business like hotels have to accept a 100/ turnover of employees each year, but aim for a high level of stability during the season.

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