Saturday, April 20, 2013

Giving Your Opinion about A Topic

Giving Your Opinion about A Topic

How to give opinion about anything? These following sentences may be helpful while replying, suggestion or giving opinion about things
o   In my opinion, fashion is a complete waste of time, money and resources.
o   In my opinion, there’s only one choice - English!
o   In my view, government money shouldn’t be used to support the Arts.
o   I definitely think that countries should be self-sufficient in food and basic necessities.
o   Don’t you think it’s better to stay single?
o   Well, if you ask me, it all depends on your circumstances.
o   Well, I think everybody should have the right to join a trade union.

·         Expressing a strong value ( It’s / They’re + value adjective)
o   It’s nonsense to keep everybody at the same level regardless of their progress.
o   ... Their employers don’t pay them a living wage. It’s a scandal, because many pizza parlors, pubs and burger bars are really being subsidized by the Government.
o   It’s perfect for short-outings - boat trips around the islands and visits to show-piece villages such as Sigtuna.
o   They’re ideal for people who really want to relax and live life at a slower pace.
·         Expressing certainty
o   According to government statistics, waiting lists are coming down.
o   Actually, Esperanto is closer to European languages than any others.
o   In fact, we have some of the top chefs in the world, but only people with a lot of money experience British cooking at its best.
o   Clearly, a coeducational environment promotes understanding between boys and girls. It’s far more natural.
o   So in what ways are they superior? .. Well, obviously in size. Everything’s bigger.
o   People have always liked dressing up.
o   People just won’t continue to accept editorial lines... which don’t match up with their experience.
o   Without doubt, television has a lot to answer for.
o   There’s no doubt that these large monopolies have a great deal of power. If we let them finance important developments such as digital television, you can be sure that they’ll market technical devices which can only receive their own TV broadcasts.
o   Well, there’s no doubt that a proper understanding of their problems is needed before we can go much further. Surely, there are immediate things like food aid to countries hit by drought or famine
o   Surely, most of these resorts would have bus services.
o   Surely, there’s more to marriage than having children.
·         Expressing high probability
o   I expect that Japan could adapt. It has a highly skilled workforce and a good technological base.
o   I believe you’ve been working on a transport policy for Britain.
o   I doubt whether they could act as an effective deterrent while the detection rate is so low.
o   I doubt that many other languages can match the size of the English dictionary.
o   I doubt that this would ever happen. The BBC prides itself on its independence...
o   I’d’ve thought they’d be very useful for children without brothers and sisters.
o   There now seems to be a general acceptance that Britain is a multi-racial society.
·         Expressing fair probability
o   I guess that many single people have different priorities or else they believe that they’d make unsuitable parents.
o   I suppose that if they own these homes, they must be in nice locations.
o   I don’t suppose their grandparents will know what the search commands are.
o   I think it’s probably possible to generalize about what is eaten at main meal-times.
o   There’s probably a good argument for raising income support.
o   They’re probably warmer and more friendly, but they’re very loud and extrovert to go with it.

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