At Sikri, Bruni prayer: Hope I’ve another son
French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Bruni were to be protected by the prayer from harm. The dargah is famous for its peer, Sheikh Salim Chishti, blessing Emperor Akbar with a child. Rais Mian said he recounted the story to the French first couple, of how the childless Akbar had come here praying, and had been told by the saint that he would have three children.
"I told them this dargah grants wishes to jobless, non-married and even childless. He (Sarkozy) asked me to pray for him and wish him success. While they were tying the thread, Carla said she wanted a son and I prayed for them," Rais Mian told PTI.
Together the couple walked to the screen on the left and tied the kalava, Sarkozy kissing his. The couple do not have children, but Sarkozy has three sons and Carla one from their previous partners. Bruni asked Rais Mian's elder son Arshad Faridi about the quiet at the shrine, asking: "Do many people come here? It's so empty." It is always bustling, Rais Mian clarifie