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Women's sexuality has been unexplored in our films'

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A scene from Mirch
Ankur Pathakin Mumbai
She is currently made redundant because of her big belly. Yes,Konkana Sen Sharmais expecting.
Though that happens mostly in the early months of next year, what she's currently energised about is the release of her coming film, Vinay Shukla'sMirch that is partly erotic but not even remotely vulgar, revolving around the under-estimated women libido.
Knowing her atypical choice of films coupled with the novel and uncultivated theme that Mirch presents, it could as well be the surprise and path-breaking hit of the year.
Here, the two-time National Award winner gets in an outspoken conversation with Ankur Pathak on her opinions about sexuality in films, her career-plans post the impending motherhood and why she's kept the wedding a diminutive affair. Excerpts:
Do you personally feel that audience in India is ready for an erotic comedy like Mirch'?
Eh, see it is not that erotic. Thematically yes it is, but it doesn't have a lot of adult scenes or it hasn't been handled in a very vulgar way. I mean the amount of sexuality one sees in Hindi films and the item numbers and things like that, I don't think, Mirch is beyond that. In fact it is not even that much.
So, what does the film exactly deal with?
It is not one story; there are four stories in it. In one of the story, there is this film-maker and his girlfriend who are narrating this script to a producer. The producer rejects it stating that only sex sells and he'll have to spice it a little more and make it saucy for the audiences to enjoy.
So, he goes back and comes with these four stories in which he has added the needed flavour and presents it to the producer. And these four narrations are shown in the film. All four are based across all ages. I'm in the two of them and Raima Sen features in the other two.

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