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top ten hollywood actress of 2010

Top 10 Hollywood Actresses that used to be Models

Many of today’s top actresses used to be models, and later they attracted attention on the big screen through their performances in movies. Because of their beauty, the audience loved them from the first time.
Some of the models that are now famous actresses are Halle Berry, Charlize Theron, Milla Jovovich or Cameron Diaz.
10. Brooke Shields was the Calvin Klein image and when she was 12 she was a model and aspiring actress. She received a role in the “Pretty Baby” drama in 1978. The controversial movie boosted the career of Brooke, but the 1980 “The Blue Lagoon” made her a star.
9. After she signed for Elite Model Management, Andie MacDowell got her photo taken by world famous photographers like Bruce Weber and Herb Ritts and she appeared in commercial videos for Armani and Yves Saint Laurent. A series of Calvin Klein commercials made her popular and she received a role in “St. Elmo’s Fire”. Later on, Andie starred in “Groundhog Day” and “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. The actress still appears in commercials for L’Oreal products.
8. Long before being famous because of her X-Men role, where she plays Mystique, Rebecca Romjin was seen on stage and in Victoria’s Secret commercials and she also appeared in Sports Illustrated.
7. Freida Pinto was a model and she appeared in many commercials for Wrigley’s chewing gum, De Beers diamonds or Vodafone products until she convinced director Danny Boyle to cast her in “Slumdog Millionaire”. Freida Pinto made the top beautiful people in the world list, created by People Magazine, most elegant women in the world list created by Vogue and she also appeared in the top as one of the most wanted women in the world and she is also a L’Oreal representative. Freida appears in many commercials and she now stars in Woody Allen’s movie “You Will Meet a tall Dark Stranger”.
6. Famke Janssen was a successful model, she signed with Elite and she worked for Victoria’s Secret, Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent, but she decided to quit modeling after a 7 years long career. At the beginning of the 90s she fell in love with acting when she was still attending the University of Columbia and she went to L.A. to make a name for herself. She received a role in “GoldenEye” then she worked with the most popular directors in Hollywood.Famke also won the casting for X-Men. She works for TV but also as an actress and she enjoys being in the back of the camera as well. She will make her debut as a director and screen writer with the “Bringing Up Bobby” movie, starring Milla Jovovich.
5. Milla Jovovich started her modeling career at 9 years old, she received a job for Revlon at 11 years old and she dropped out of school at 12 years old to pursue modeling. Everybody wanted to work with her although she was very young and this caused a lot of controversy. At 23 years old she became a spokes person for L’Oreal after she appeared in magazines like Vogue, Cosmo or Glamour but also in commercials for Donna Karan, DKNY and Gap. In 1997 she was an extravagant presence in the “Fifth Element” movie. Milla became a sex symbol over night! In 2002 she won many fans because of her role in the “Resident Evil” movie.
4. Before making her debut in the “Ivuvar” biographical movie, the beautiful Aishwarya Rai was an architecture student and a model. After she won the second place at Miss India in 1994 she was noticed in the world of fashion and in a short time she won the Miss World contest, becoming the second Indian woman in the world to win the Crown. She then received Bollywood roles and married actor Abhishek  Bachchan and she made the top influential people in the world list published by Time Magazine.
3. Another Calvin Klein and Elite Modem Management model. Cameron Diaz became an international star after she appeared in 1994 in the ” The Mask” movie. In the 90s she signed for Levi’s then she made the cover of Seventeen Magazine. She received a role in the comedy The Mask, starring Jim Carrey because of her success and she quit modeling. After 15 years, she is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood with four Golden Globe nominations and she makes as much money as Angelina Jolie or Sandra Bullock.
2. Not many people know, but Halle Berry worked as a model in the 80′s. The actress won titles like Miss Ohio in 1986 and also made the podium during Miss USA, attracting the attention of many directors and she received roles in movies like “Knots Landing”, Who’s the boss” and an R.Kelly video. In the 90s she appeared in a number of movies and she signed a contract with Revlon. The actress received an Emmy and Golden Globe award for her role in the HBO Tv Show ” Introducing Dorothy Dandridge”. They were significant awards but however they can’t match the Oscar Halle received for her role in Monster’s Ball. Halle was the first african-american actress to win the Oscar.
1. On the first place on our list of models turned actresses is Charlize Theron! The South African actress started her career in Milan when she was 16 years old. Five years later she moved to Los Angeles and she was a struggling actress.  After she received a role in “2 Days in the Valley” everything changed for her. She then starred in “The Devil’s Advocate”, “Sweet November” and “The Italian Job”. In 2003 she took a big risk and put on a few pounds to star in the Monster movie, but it wasn’t for nothing because the movie brought her an Oscar. She then starred in “Hancock”, “The Road”, “North Country” an she is the unofficial muse of designer John Galliano!

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